Sustainable Fishing

The total harvest is processed within 3 hours of landing.

Scallops and King Prawns live on the sand and are a short-lived species. They are harvested by low impact trawling.

One Sea is the only operator licensed to access the iconic Rottnest Island Fishery, 14 miles off the coast of Fremantle. This guarantees that One Sea can maintain consistent supply of premium seafood to the consumer..

The season for this premium seafood is strictly limited from March to October, and One Sea works with the Department of Fisheries and their researchers to monitor the available stock to ensure they harvest when the seafood is at optimum quality.

When One Sea commenced operation they:

  • Engaged an onboard observer and commenced additional stock monitoring sampling to supplement research undertaken by the Department.
  • Made a significant investment in the most technically advanced low resistant dynemma nets that reduce drag and cut the rate of non-target species capture by an estimated 50%. One state-of-the art net costs $6,000 as opposed to $1,600 per traditional net.
  • The drag reduction also saves on fuel costs cutting the fishery’s carbon footprint and making it more cost efficient.
  • The nets are also fitted with fish escape panels that allow non-target species to swim out.


Please take the time to learn more about the Marine Reserve Network by visiting the National Seafood Industry Alliance

One Sea Sustainable Fishing