Peter Manifis, Kailis Cafe's

"I am proud to have Rottnest Islands Scallops on my menu at InContro and Beluga – they are simply the best scallops you can buy – they are just so beautiful!

You will also find the Rottnest Island Prawns and the whiting, so fresh and so delicious!"

Verity James

"As Program Director for the Mundaring Truffle Festival, (as well as writer for Spice magazine and food broadcaster for 6PR) I needed to have the best quality produce for a VERY particular clientele.

It's an ingredient-based festival - so this is for REAL foodies! For the Ladies Long Table Lunch we paired One Sea Scallops with Linley Valley Pork Belly with truffled potato fondant and grated some fresh truffle over the scallops. It was an outstanding success!

The scallops were huge, luscious and sweet - truly some of the best we've ever tasted!

It was crucial to our festival that as much of the produce was grown or caught locally. So what a bonus that these delicious morsels came from the pristine waters behind Rottnest Island!

The One Sea Rottnest Island Scallops have, quite frankly, ruined me for any other scallops

When you taste their grade of quality, the others pale in comparison!"