Rottnest Island Scallops

Rottnest Island Scallops (Amusium balloti) are found over a broad area in the waters to the North of Rottnest Island. They are also found in the waters in the South West in Geographe Bay.

These premium Scallops can only be harvested between March and October and One Sea is committed to only produce when the condition of the seafood is at its optimum for supplying fresh to the market. The sustainability of the fishery is One Sea's paramount concern.

One Sea produces Whole Scallop, Fresh and Frozen Scallop meat and also Fresh and Frozen 1/2 shell Scallop.

All of the harvest is landed within 24 hours of being caught. It is processed ashore within 3 hours of it being landed and it is distributed that day. Its freshness is therefore guaranteed.

One Sea Rottnest Island Scallops